Elon Musk, always provocative, wonders if Twitter “is dying”

Became the first shareholder of the Californian group on Monday, Elon Musk multiplies the provocations. Elon Musk, the Tesla boss now a Twitter board member, wondered in his typically provocative way on Saturday whether the social network was “dying”, mentioning highly followed but inactive accounts. . “Most of these ‘super’ accounts rarely tweet and post … Read more

“It’s terrible”: Elon Musk lays off “about 50%” of Twitter employees

Shortly after these announcements, employees spoke on “the blue bird” to announce the elimination of their position, sometimes using the hashtags #LoveWhereYouWork (Love your workplace) and #OneTeam (Only one team). “All my thoughts, respect, energy and love to the tweeps (nickname of Twitter employees, editor’s note) around the world today. We’ve built the most amazing … Read more

Elon Musk made a drastic decision

Definitely it is not good to live at Twitter currently and the future is quite bleak for some of the company’s employees. This is what we know. Since the seizure of power by Elon Musk and his takeover of the Twitter company, employees have had their knees trembling. This is how we can learn that … Read more

the shocking story of an employee fired from Twitter by Elon Musk – Liberation

Interview Article reserved for subscribers Elon Musk is set to fire half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees this Friday. Emmanuel Cornet, an engineer from the Californian headquarters of the network, returns for “Liberation” to his dismissal and the seven months of chaos experienced internally during the takeover. This is the first time that a Twitter employee … Read more

Furious, Elon Musk struck again on Twitter

News hardware Furious, Elon Musk struck again on Twitter Published on 04/11/2022 at 15:50 While billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has finally been sealed, several public figures have spoken out about future changes to the social network. This is the case of the Democratic parliamentarian Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who returns to the $8/month subscription … Read more

Several American NGOs want to block Elon Musk

The soap opera continues. Several human rights NGOs have joined forces in the hope of preventing Elon Musk from buying Twitter, for fear that the multi-billionaire will allow toxic behavior to explode on the platform. “If we don’t block this operation, he will give a megaphone to demagogues and extremists, who (…) incite hatred, violence … Read more

Acquired by Elon Musk, Twitter begins a global wave of layoffs and temporarily closes its offices

the essential The management informed the employees that they will be informed by email if their job is eliminated or not, without specifying the number of positions concerned. Bought by Elon Musk last week, Twitter began a global wave of layoffs this Friday, November 4, which could see its payroll halved, and announced to employees … Read more