Carrying weapons: increasingly strict regulations

After the mass shooting in an elementary school in Texas on Tuesday, May 24, the regulation of the carrying of firearms is again an issue of major importance in the United States. In France, regulation remains much more restrictive.

Since the shooting in Texas which killed 21 people on Tuesday, May 24, the question of the acquisition of weapons in France is once again being debated. If American legislation imposes few limits, the acquisition and use of a weapon remains highly regulated in our country.

Bertrand, a sports shooter for several years, has had a gun for five years and he frequently comes to buy ammunition in an armory located in the second arrondissement. To buy these, he has the obligation to have an official authorization and a medical certificate.

“You have to have a medical visit every year with your doctor. Often, it is our general practitioner who has knowledge of possible psychological problems. He also checks vision and balance problems,” he told CNEWS. Once the license and the identity checked, there remains a final step for Yves Gollety, the owner of this armory: “I will check if Mr. is not registered with the prohibitions of weapons, even for the ammunition”.

100,000 weapons sold each year in France

Apart from civil servants and agents of public administrations in charge of a police mission, only hunters and sports shooters are authorized to buy a weapon in France. Currently, 100,000 weapons are sold in France per year, four times less than in 1995 (395,000).

“If it is a simple shotgun or a rifle, the license and the hunting permit are sufficient. If it’s a handgun, you will have to be registered in a shooting club, practice for 6 months, have at least three shooting sessions, a positive opinion from the club president. Finally, you have to request authorization from your prefecture, ”explained the owner of the armory.

To hold the hunting license, hunters must pass an examination with the French Office for Biodiversity in collaboration with the departmental federations of hunters. Since the beginning of 2021, they have been required to upgrade every ten years.

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