Canton of St. Gallen: Heavy fine after his dog attacked a man


The owner of the dog who committed the attack last November must now pay a fine of 6,000 francs. This isn’t the first time his dogs have been a problem.

The dog was not on a leash at the time of the events (photo illustration).

20Min/Michael Scherrer

A woman living in the canton of St. Gallen has been sentenced by penal order to a fine for negligent bodily injury after her dog attacked a man last November (see box).

According to the penal order, this is not the first time that the accused’s dogs have caused problems. The text mentions two cases in particular: in the first, one of his dogs had injured another dog and in the second, he had even killed a dog. According to the penal order, it was therefore “foreseeable” that another incident could occur. Accordingly, the accused should have ensured that her dog could not escape from the garage.

A fine of 6000 francs

The owner has already received a suspended financial sentence, following previous incidents in which her dogs have been involved. This sentence will now be carried out. With the injury of the man last November, it has also increased: the accused must now pay a fine of 6000 francs (40 day-fines at 150 francs). It will also have to bear the costs of the proceedings, which amount to 700 francs.

Finally, note that the owner of the dogs can still oppose this penal order.

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