Cannes Film Festival, day 9: Vincent Lacoste, Elon Musk’s mother and a moment on the terrace

At the Amfar gala, the conductor is called Alexander Werz. Impeccable suit, bow tie and matching bag, the co-director general of Karla Otto, the agency behind this great evening which punctuates the festival each year, takes care of the grain so that there is not a crease or a false not on the red carpet. He welcomes the guests one by one and takes care that they progress correctly on the photocall. Sometimes, in a panic, he runs to put the train of a dress back in place. One watchword: at Amfar, everything must be perfect!

7:10 p.m. – Breaking the voice

The photographers give voice, real baritones. As soon as the star approaches, they cry out: “Nabilaaaaaaaaaa”. Or: “Evaaaaaaaaaaaa”. This amuses the model Noémie Lenoir who throws at them, while keeping the pose: “Soon, you will no longer have a voice! »

7:35 p.m. – Elon’s mom

She has a false air of Glenn Close, Cruella De Vil period. Immaculate white hair, powdery complexion, red lips… She is Maye Musk, dietician, model and also mother of the wealthy CEO of Tesla. At 74 and breathtakingly beautiful, she caused a sensation on the red carpet in a black velvet outfit, on which a few letters were embroidered: “SMOKING”.

8:30 p.m.Lost in translation

For those responsible for cleaning the palace, the days are long. one of them comes to meet us, on the press terrace. They offer him a cigarette. Her day, which started at 6 p.m., will not end until 1 a.m., once she has cleaned the annex of the palace on the Croisette side. His feet hurt, “because of the small steps”. She accepted the job because her car broke down and you have to pay for the repairs. And she doesn’t speak English: “In Cannes, if you don’t speak English, you can’t even work in a bakery,” she says. It’s her first festival and she’s never seen so many stars. “We have a small viewpoint on the other side of the palace, reserved for the staff. I saw Tom Cruise say so,” she smiles. She thought he looked good, but she noticed he had bags under his eyes. “He must have some great days too. »


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