Cannes 2022: “The United States has gone completely crazy”, castigates David Cronenberg over the right to abortion called into question

Society, at the heart of the Festival. In the United States, the Supreme Court could reconsider the judgment “Roe v. Wade” which guarantees the right to abortion to American women.

A situation that the Canadian director, David Cronenberg, the director of the film in competition “The crimes of the future”, judges “completely insane”.

“Everyone in the United States is completely crazy”

“I wrote it (the movie script) 20 years ago, but…even then, you could kind of feel it happening, this kind of oppressive ownership of (body) and control,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday, May 24. “It is a constant in history that somewhere in the world there is a government that wants to control its population”continued the 79-year-old director who drives the point home a little more.

In Canada… we think everyone in the United States is completely crazy. I think America has gone completely nuts, and I can’t believe what elected officials are saying, not just about Roe vs. Wade, so it’s a weird time.” he said.

Statements that echo information from the newspaper Politico which, at the beginning of May, obtained the preliminary draft of a majority decision written by the conservative judge Samuel Alito and dated February 10. It would be a question of canceling the amendment granting the right to abortion or of restricting the right to it in 26 States.

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