Can you answer this question that Elon Musk asks in a job interview?

Well, as we are nice, we give you the answer: at the North Pole, or at the South Pole. As Ashlee Vance writes, “one of the answers is “at the North Pole”, and most engineers get it right away. So, Musk resumes: “And where else could you be?” The other answer is somewhere near the South Pole, where if you walk a mile south, the circumference of the Earth shrinks to one mile. Fewer engineers find this answer, and Musk is happy to explain the conundrum to them and others, peppering his explanations with decent equations. He tends to be less interested in the answer given by his visitor than in the way in which he describes the problem and his approach to solving it.

Elon Musk is not the only CEO to have his favorite question. For Jules Walters, who works at Slack, the question is simpler: “Among the people you have worked with, who do you admire and why?“At Etsy, Chad Dickerson’s question was “Tell me about a time you really messed something up. How did you handle it and how did you deal with the error?Finally, at Duolingo, CEO Luis Von Ahn’s favorite question is “What would someone who doesn’t like you tell us about you?

This is what you need to prepare for your next interviews.

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