Burger King is selling these filthy burgers for a very special reason

While some big brands prefer to stick to conventions so as not to take risks, others like originality. This is particularly the case of Burger King, which has accustomed us to often daring communication moves. But we remain skeptical of this one.

A blow of com ‘on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Burger King may not be the most popular fast food joint in the world, but it still has a large following. It must be said that the chain multiplies the original operations that mark the spirits. The last date of the beginning of the month took place in Germany. Entitled “The Pregnancy Whopper” (“The Pregnancy Whopper”), it was – as its name suggests – intended for pregnant women, whose food cravings are sometimes particular.

It is therefore on the occasion of May 8 (Mother’s Day in Germany) that Burger King has launched very special huge burgers, since they are made up of many ingredients that we cannot imagine at all together. And for good reason: a study conducted with more than 1,000 women revealed that they had already tasted or wanted to taste…strange mixtures.

Original or ugly burgers? to each his own opinion

On the weekend of May 8, 2022, for only two days, Burger King therefore offered for sale, in all its restaurants, Whoppers all more unexpected than each other. Jumbled up, we can cite the herring-fried/sausage-curry burgers, fish-breaded/compote, or steak/boudin/nougat. In short, burgers that do not really send dreams but which, obviously, please some people and more particularly pregnant women.

We wonder if these strange burgers sold well, Burger King unfortunately did not provide figures on this subject. Nevertheless, we invite you to try to reproduce these “experiments” at home, just to surprise your guests, for better or – more probably – for worse!

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