Bird flu: three villages out of 64 located in additional restricted area

Three towns in the department are affected by this ZRS Aydie, Arrosès and Crouseilles. The latter is actually at a distance of 10 to 20 km from the Gers hearth. The measure was decided to “protect neighboring farms against an extension of the disease”.

The implementation of this zone entails in particular “strengthening of biosecurity and vigilance measures in case of clinical signs”, “regular monitoring obligation in waterfowl and game bird farms by self-checking”, “ban on the placement of day-old poultry ( galliformes and palmipeds) and introduction into ZRS of poultry (galliforms and palmipeds) from other regulated or disease-free zones for a minimum period of 8 days.

Viruses cannot be transmitted to humans

As a reminder, a “highly pathogenic” avian influenza epizootic is currently raging in Europe and France. Per December 23, 234 breeding outbreaks (all species) have been confirmed in the country since August 1, mainly in the Pays de Loire region and in the Deux-Sèvres department.

The prefecture emphasizes that “the virus in question (H5N1) only affects birds and poultry (palmipeds and galliformes): it cannot be transmitted to humans. The consumption of poultry meat, foie gras and eggs poses no risk to humans”.

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