Bird flu survivor, TikTok star emu is back on the social network

He escaped the worst, much to the delight of his owner. Emmanuel, TikTok’s star emu, survived the bird flu epidemic that decimated the farm where he lives in Florida (USA), HuffPost reports.

Videos of its owner on social media had gone viral as the big bird couldn’t stop pecking at her phone. The videos ceased for several weeks due to the outbreak. But Emmanuel finally made his big comeback on TikTok, as we can see in this sequence. And the animal stands upright on its legs.

A survivor

A victory for his owner, who said: “We’ve worked so hard for this moment, it’s hard to put into words how I feel when I see him walking on his own. Especially since Emmanuel is a real survivor: Only two animals survived the bird flu epidemic that hit the farm.

He was still weakened for several weeks and was able to count on his owner’s constant presence. A proximity that had even warned some experts.

Angela Rasmussen, an American virologist, had recalled on Twitter: “If your emu or your bird has bird flu, don’t kiss it. Don’t hug it. Don’t touch it. »

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