Biodiversity: Goldfish are killing machines


British experts warn of the dangers of releasing this small pet into the wild. Because it can quickly become a big problem.

If released into the wild, goldfish pose a threat to the environment.

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Experts throw a bottle into the sea: the small goldfish, which sometimes decorate private aquariums and garden ponds, must under no circumstances be released into the wild. In any case, this is explained by scientists from Queen’s University of Belfast (UK) in a publication released this week. in the magazine “NeoBiota”.

‘Our research suggests that goldfish pose a real threat to the native biodiversity of rivers and lakes, consuming the resources that other species depend on,’ says Dr James Dickey. In freedom, the goldfish can reach 1.5m and turn into a killing machine.

An unlimited appetite

In addition, according to specialists, it is responsible for the deterioration of water quality, polluting the bottom and uprooting aquatic plants. Their appetite would also be judged as “unlimited”. Words that agree with the conclusions of researchers from the Center for Fish and Fisheries at Murdoch University in Australia, in a paper published by the journal “Ecology of Freshwater Fish” in 2016.

Appearing completely harmless in its bowl, the behavior of the goldfish changes completely when it evolves in freedom. This difference is explained by the fact that this animal has a great adaptability and tolerates very well the conditions that are not suitable for him.

Conclusions that will drown the fish in the animal welfare debate.


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