Between Elon Musk and Apple it is war

On his account Twitterthe new owner of the social network blue bird, Elon Muskwent on Apple through a series of tweets.

The American billionaire accuses the Cupertino company of threatening to withdraw the Twitter application from his app Store. For explanations, Musk mentioned the Apple boss, Hours cookingin his tweets.

The boss of Tesla and SpaceX also accused the American company of cutting the majority of its advertising investments on Twitter. He innocently wondered if Apple ” hated free speech in america “.

Recently, Apple’s boss said in an interview that Twitter would remain on the App Store, provided the social network continues to moderate the content published on its platform. Apple applies this rule to all social networks.

As a reminder, the application Talk, which guaranteed complete freedom of expression, had been removed from the App Store. Remember that the app was used massively by far-right activists in Uncle Sam’s land.

At this time, Apple executives have not commented. Let’s just note that Phil Schiller, the former chief marketing officer of Apple, suspended his account a few days after Elon Musk took over Twitter.

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