Beginning of the public inquiry concerning the Sheraton, six restaurants will open place Rogier

Place Rogier will completely change its face. The transformation has already been underway for several years, but the construction site of the Sheraton still stands out in the landscape of luxury hotels and glass towers of the district. For how much longer ? The public inquiry into the old hotel has been open since Monday. A survey that is important since the lower floors of the hotel will change assignment, six restaurants are to be expected! “The idea is to make it a more open place. It’s a crying need, we are in the middle of the Manhattan district. We don’t want towers that brew in the wind anymore,” promises Emir Kir. The mayor also assures that the Horeca points which will set up in Place Rogier in the future will be “real restaurants geared towards locals and tourists”.

As a reminder, the construction site of the Sheraton hotel had a complicated spring, two men died on the spot at the beginning of March. A worker after a fall, and Jef, a firefighter who perished while extinguishing a fire. Dramas that have cost time, on the site, “the prosecution has delayed the progress of the site, but I think it’s a good thing”concludes Emir Kir.

Citizens have until June 21 to send their comments and complaints on the project to the municipality.

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