Be careful, to be healthy, pasta should be banned from our table!

Do you want to adopt a good diet in your daily life? Read our article to find out if pasta can improve your health.

Proper diet would always be recommended by all experts to take care of the body. Whether it’s the body or the physical aspect. In fact, many of us wonder if eating pasta is good for our health.

In this article, we are going to reveal to you what these can bring us. Next, we are going to give you advice on the right foods to include in our diet so as not to harm your health.

Pasta: it is a diet that promotes mass gain

Pasta is an ingredient that comes in all sauces. They are regularly invited to our plates. This is why, according to one study, ¾ of French people admit to consuming it at least once a week. Yet this food is one of the enemies of weight loss and healthy eating. Moreover, nutritionists prohibit the consumption of pasta during a diet.

These professionals are not wrong since pasta holds a high glycemic index. Especially those made with white flour. Thus, the consumption of too much of this food can induce weight gain. Which is not at all recommended as a diet if you want to lose weight or maintain it in the long term.

That said, a diet without pasta will suppress the rise in insulin (fat storage hormone) which is associated with the consumption of starchy foods. As a result, this will promote weight loss. In any case, the experts do not advise to deprive yourself of it but to balance on what is on your plate. For example, you can mix your pasta with vegetables (rich in fiber) to lower the glycemic index in the body.

According to one study, eating 150 to 200 g (cooked weight) of pasta will not make you fat. One could even say that it is a food varied and balanced. Moreover, you must eradicate all starchy foods from your menus if you want to lose weight. To say that, it is not simply the pasta that will make you gain mass but everything that we consume.

What happens if we stop eating pasta?

Know that starches in food play an important role in our body. And yes ! Those are important and essential sources of energy in our body. As a result, we must not radically deprive ourselves of starchy foods in our diet. On the other hand, it should also not be abused according to experts.

It is necessary to specify that a diet without starches can cause a risk of loss of energy, provided by carbohydrates. This can be detrimental to health and weaken the body. Also, our body can have a deficiency of group B vitamins if we remove starchy foods from our diet. Note that this vitamin group guarantees the good health of the nervous and immune systems.

Other than that, pasta should be avoided at all costs if you have a gluten intolerance or allergy. Experts have confirmed that depriving yourself of this diet will make you allow better digestion. So, take note of these tips so as not to worsen the state of your health. At worst, these foods can be fatal for these people.

Finally, people with celiac disease should also remove wheat flour pasta from their diet. And not just pasta but any other common product containing gluten. Like bread for example. To find alternatives, it is recommended to seek advice from nutritionists.

Food based on pasta to be preferred according to the experts

Be aware that there are other pastes that are made from wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flour which do not harm health. Indeed, it is a diet rich in fiber and nutrients. Moreover, their glycemic index is lower than that of standard pasta. To say quite simply that they promote satiety and prevent cravings.

You can also opt for a power supply chickpea or lentil base. However, quitting eating pasta is not at all effective in the weight loss process. Unless the rest of the starchy foods are eradicated with it. Which would be very bad for our health, according to specialists. Thus, it is simply necessary to balance everything you put in your mouth.

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