Barbecue: should you prick sausages and merguez before cooking them?

Sausage season has started! More particularly that of cooking on the barbecue! When the weather is nice, nothing is more pleasant than a good barbecue to cook meat, fish, but also vegetables. Purists will prefer the charcoal version to keep this inimitable smoky touch that is so tasty. The gas option is obviously more practical, but the debate of the day is not there! The star of barbecue foods is unquestionably the sausage, in all its forms. Whether sausage with a knife, recipe classic or spicyof chipolatasof duck sausageof merguezof chorizo ​​to grillof sobrasada or the inimitable Toulouse sausage, the choice is vast! Once the embers are ready, a question comes up each time. Should we prick the sausages before putting them on the fire or not? This can quickly lead to heated discussion for the aperitif. It’s a quasi-national debate!

Sausages and other grilling foods deserve quality!

Sausages that burst, pierce and burn on the barbecue are, for some, irrefutable proof of the need to pierce them before cooking them! However, the use of a fork, before or during cooking, is not recommended at all. Specialists agree that it is important not to pierce sausages and other charcuterie of this type before cooking them on the barbecue. The main risk is to totally spoil your product ! A sausage contains fat and water which will help maintain a good texture. This prevents the meat from drying out during cooking. Moreover, if you pierce your sausage, the liquids will escape and flow on the embers. This is the best way to rekindle flames and burn your food. Not sure diners appreciate chunks of charcoal on the table or in their sandwiches.

Sausage is a delicate product. Her cooking requires patience and skill of the temperature. To keep all its softness, it should not be pierced. It is then with pliers that you will have to handle it and not with a fork! Product quality is essential. Industrial productions are generally made with lower quality casings. They very often contain more fat and water. All these elements make them much more likely to burst during cooking (and thus prove uncle Jean-Paul, a fervent proponent of sausage punching, right). For your barbecues, shop at a butcher. Prefer local and artisanal manufacturing for better quality. Buying cheap sausage in quantity won’t do you any good if you burn half of it! Now it’s up to you to become the queen or king of the barbecue with perfectly cooked sausages!

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