Baie de Somme: a petition for Titine laie to remain free

In the Bay of Somme, lovers of Titine, a “peaceful and idle” 3-year-old sow, are mobilizing so that she is not transferred in the coming days to the Roumare animal park, in Seine-Maritime, and continues to live. free at Cape Hornu, which depends on Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. A petition on has collected more than 6,000 signatures, an open letter has been sent to the mayor and a rally is scheduled for May 28 at 5 p.m. at Cape Hornu.

Three-year-old Titine was raised on a bottle before growing up with horses. Residents and walkers have become accustomed and attached to it. But the prefecture of the Somme considers it necessary to prevent any danger for itself or the local residents and to put it back in an environment adapted to its biology: “The animal’s quest for food could lead it to behave aggressively and increasingly intrusive, a statement said. The sow causes damage to the facilities of the Cap-Hornu hotel complex and its presence worries both staff and customers. »

His admirers are stunned. They believe that man must learn to live with the fauna and flora that surround him, respect them while keeping his distance. They ask for appropriate signage: “I’ve known her since she was very young, I live 4 km from where she lives, confides Vincent. I’m happy to see it between two bushes, to take a picture of it. In three years, there have been zero accidents. »

“She is much more capable than any man of finding food,” quips another of her lovers.

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