Aude: tied to a tree, beaten and walked on a leash like a dog for a drug debt of €400

On Thursday, December 15, three men, aged 21, 22 and 37, were arraigned for immediate appearance on charges of “kidnapping and kidnapping, followed by a release within the 7th day”, as well as “violence aggravated by two circumstances, followed by incapacity in no more than eight days”. They were found guilty and sentenced to prison terms ranging from three years to six months. Two were subject to a commitment order at the end of the sentence.

If the perpetrators had not filmed with a mobile phone the series of violence and humiliation they inflicted on their victim, this case, which dates back to May 8 in Arzens, would never have come to light… Thursday afternoon, seven months after the events, however, in this context, Robin, Julien and Nadir arrived before the court in Carcassonne under escort of the gendarmerie, to be judged immediately. This 22-year-old Toulousein, this 21-year-old Perpignan and this 37-year-old Carcassonnais were particularly accused of violence in a meeting against a 41-year-old man for allegedly a drug debt of €400. Hard to believe in court…

On May 18, it was therefore thanks to the exploitation of Robin’s phone, recently indicted in connection with an open judicial investigation for drug trafficking (the investigation is still ongoing), that the gendarmes went and discovered two videos showing scenes of humiliation of a male. Based on these videos dated May 8, the investigators will then create a connection with the complaint of a 40-year-old who had sought refuge with a resident of Arzens, having just been subjected to violence from three people, as he said at the time. not knowing… Back this evening, Sunday, May 8, when the victim returned home to Bram in the Fontanilles residential area. He was in the car with his partner and her two children when he was blocked by a Toyota RAV4, from which Robin and Julien will leave. Angry and threatening, the latter will then force their victim into the trunk of their vehicle. “I only asked him to follow me to discuss”Robin told the court. “He asked me to accompany him and I accepted”Julian added. De Bram, it is then on a vacant lot on the edge of a forest, located on the side of the motocross field Arzens, that the group will go to be out of sight.

He had been joking for months. It was just to scare him.

The victim will first be tied to a tree and then beaten by Robin, to whom she owes a €400 drug debt: “He had been phantoming for months. It was just to scare him. He wasn’t beaten or disfigured!” Presented as the instigator of this punitive expedition, Robin will ask Julien to come and beat the victim with a loaded board and pee on him. This childhood friend will refuse. Robin will then tighten the strap until it chokes his whipping boy before finally loosening it. From there, the victim’s body will be encased with three old tires. Hair broken like this, the man will fall heavily… Still in his intimidation logic, Robin will then ask Julien to get his pruning shears before threatening the victim with cutting off his finger. To reinforce the duo, Nadir then arrives on the scene armed with a golf club, which he will pretend to play with a pebble, placed on the mouth of the victim like a ball. Humiliated and lowered to the ground, the victim will then be held on a leash by Nadir and walked on all fours through thorns and nettles before being asked to leave on foot while his executioners will leave by car. “He called me a dirty Arab while I was helping him with gas and groceries. He told me he would repay me with a gun.”Nadir told the court and apologized to the victim.

A method for thugs coming to get their due.

“Whether committed or condoned, these acts are despicable and cruelemphasized Mr.e Aude Denarnaud in the victim’s interest. My client feared for his life. He remained confined at home for more than a month after the events…” Medical expertise was therefore requested. At the public prosecutor’s office, prosecutor Géraldine Labialle returned to “this method of thugs coming to get their due. Robin wanted to show he was the boss when he knew full well he wasn’t going to get a penny back!” The sentences of three and two years in prison were thus requested for Robin and Nadir respectively. Eighteen prison terms, twelve of which were accompanied by a two-year suspended sentence, were also required for Julien. In defense of Julien, Mr.e Manon Crochet asked for release, “because he wasn’t there for half the offenses he’s accused of”. In defense of Nadir, Mr.e Hichem Laredj requested a mixed judgment with an adjustment of the fixed part, “because my client needs to be treated”. In Robin’s interest, the president of the Bar Gérard Bouissinet also asked the court for a mixed verdict for his client. At the end of its deliberations, the court finally sentenced Robin and Nadir to three years and eighteen months in prison, as well as Julien to eighteen months in prison, twelve of which is accompanied by a probationary suspension for two years. . With the benefit of a development of the permanent part in the form of house arrest under electronic monitoring, Julien is the only one who has been released from the courthouse.

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