Apple will increase its hourly wages in the United States

Apple announced this Wednesday to its American employees, particularly in its retail (Apple Store) and AppleCare teams, an upcoming increase in their hourly wages. This increase is part of a context of general inflation, but also of companies’ desire to keep their employees tempted to leave.

Starting in July, that income will increase to $22 an hour or more. This represents a 45% increase since 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal who may have seen this communication.

Apple Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, one of the stores in which a union could be created

The average hourly wage in the United States is currently $31.85 based on figures from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, but it varies greatly between industries and states. The level announced by Apple is in line, no more and no less, with jobs in services, especially retail.

Apple is not the only one to adjust its salary policy, the daily cites the case of Microsoft in March which planned to double the budget allocated to merit bonuses. The Apple has its specificities, in addition to an insolent financial health and record profits quarter after quarter, desires to unionize have been budding for a few months in a handful of its American stores.

No Apple Store in the United States has a union within its walls, but for at least three, part of their teams have indicated their intention to rally enough of their colleagues to create one. Until then, Apple’s management has marked its opposition by presenting arguments aimed at undermining these attempts at internal organization and dissuading people who are hesitant from participating in this movement.

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