Animal abandonment is on the rise and inflation may have something to do with it

Inflation also has an impact on our animal friends. For some time now, the SPA has observed an increase in abandonments. Financial difficulties are generally put forward to justify the separation.

No more means to take on his hairy companion? Since the beginning of 2022, the humane society of animals has observed a phenomenon linked to inflation: abandonments are on the rise and adoptions, in return, are on the decline.

A situation that saturates the shelters, in need of potential masters for these dogs and cats. The SPAs organized open doors this weekend.

“Not the means”

Interviewed by France Info, the manager of a shelter in Yvelines unhesitatingly puts forward the economic situation as the main reason for this upward trend in abandonments.

“People will tell me that they cannot afford to support their animal, either for one-time veterinary expenses because the animal had an accident, or because of a change in circumstances, such as job loss,” she said.

Containment, also responsible?

In the Hérault, the phenomenon was also observed, not without some concern on the side of the Montpellier SPA, where it was indicated that it had “”begun in mid-April. The dogs are two or three per box”.

The director of the refuge deplores a “dramatic” situation. “We have to refuse abandonments. This is a situation that we usually know in July,” she says. For its part, on the other hand, the most plausible explanation would be that of the consequences of confinement.

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