‘Amazing Elon’ trends on Twitter as users slam Musk for using bots to flood site

‘Amazing Elon’: Keyword trends on Twitter as website owner receives backlash from users for using bots to flood social media platforms (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Users fired a dig at Musk for using bots to flood the site with the keyword “Amazing Elon!!!” The term is trending on Twitter after several bots recently started tweeting a similar keyword.

Elon Musk never fails to become the talk of the town (Twitter), which is run by himself. Whether it’s making headlines or declaring his pronouns as “Pursue/Fauci” or adding the view counter feature that allows users to see how many times a tweet has been viewed, Musk’s decisions have not met with approval from users who criticize Twits CEO for his irrelevant guesses. This time, users attacked Musk for using bots to flood the site with the keyword “Amazing Elon!!!”

The term is trending on Twitter after several bots (short for “robots”) started tweeting a similar keyword ending in three exclamation marks. Users were furious with Musk for using such tactics to track trends on his “own” platform. “Imagine being so insecure that you spent $44 billion so you could have a bunch of fake accounts making ‘Amazing Elon’ a trending topic,” wrote one outraged user on the microblogging site. Some even pointed out how Musk wanted to shut down fake accounts when he himself used automated, repetitive, scripted tweets to crack Twitter on Monday morning.

Users also took it as an insult, with one commenting: “Elon insulted us on Twitter with his ‘Amazing Elon’ trend. Notice the 3 exclamation points on all these accounts. All BOTS! Dude, please sell Twitter to someone who will respect us and take us seriously Another user wrote: “Elon Musk is so sad and lonely at Christmas he has a robot farm that tweets ‘awesome Elon.’

Previously, Twitter Inc removed a feature that promoted suicide prevention, but it was quickly reinstated at Elon Musk’s order. Reports said Twitter had reinstated the feature after pressure from consumer safety groups and other affected users to remove it. However, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, confirmed that the removal was for a temporary device and not a complete abandonment. “Twitter has fixed relevancy, optimized size of message prompts and fixed deprecated prompts. We know they are useful and our intention was not to remove them permanently,” she said.

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