ALTI TRADING: the leader in stock market and trading training

EExpert in training in the stock market, trading, cryptocurrencies, and taxation, the ALTI TRADING training organization designs and develops numerous modules allowing as many people as possible to increase their skills, in order to become autonomous in the financial markets. All this through personalized training solutions.

Investment training for all levels

ALTI TRADING is a Qualiopi certified training organization. Since its creation in 2016, the company has supported many individuals – whether they are beginners, initiated, or even confirmed – through programs adapted to their level. The goal? Allow them to progress rapidly, in order to generate income in the financial markets.

We were the first financial market investment training organization to obtain Qualiopi certification. Since our creation more than six years ago, our desire has been to democratize these disciplines to the general public, to help all of our clients generate income from the financial markets. explains Charles Jacob, the company’s Chairman and CEO.

To do this, the Angers company first of all takes the time to define the level and objectives of each person, before directing them towards the type of investment that best suits them; whether with short-term trading, medium- or long-term dividend stock trading, or even cryptocurrencies. ” We have also recently set up modules around financial education, to help new investors to have a good solid foundation before even embarking on the deep end of investment. “.

A vast community of support at the service of learners

With more than 145,000 active members, ALTI TRADING currently offers a wide range of stock market, trading & cryptocurrency training to meet the needs of each person, and practical support through a large community of support. Members can communicate via social networks, or through the company’s internal platform.

If many investors regularly find themselves alone in front of their computer without understanding their errors and the reasons for their failures, the fact of being able to share them with a community of seasoned members will then allow them to be able to correct them in order to progress quickly, and thus gain autonomy. Sharing knowledge and increasing skills are the watchwords of this private group.

In addition, all learners can also benefit from excellent mentoring provided by the team of ALTI TRADING coaches, each with their own specialty. Each week spent in the ecosystem is thus punctuated by exercises and challenges, trading sessions and group coaching: “ These workshops are precisely organized according to the requests formulated upstream by our members. Including them directly in the training process promotes their long-term success! adds Charles Jacob. ALTI TRADING also offers individual coaching sessions available according to the programs and requests of its members.

Develop the activity with English-speaking actors

While the 145,000 members of the training organization are located in around a hundred countries with a French-speaking majority, the head of ALTI TRADING explains that he wants to develop the company’s activity towards other international countries, and in particular with an English-speaking population. Many training courses on investing in the financial markets are thus available in English on a fully dedicated site and digital learning ecosystem.

For people residing in France, all training can be financed from various aids, whether through Pôle Emploi, FAF, OPCO or AGEFICE (for self-employed managers and their collaborating spouses), and many other organizations.

By focusing on human contact and mutual assistance between members of its community, ALTI TRADING today appears as the main specialist in the field of investment training in the financial markets around trading, the stock market, taxation, and cryptocurrencies.

For each person, the specialists then take the time to assess the skills of the learners to check that the concepts worked on have been understood, while allowing them to raise their difficulties, in order to readjust the content and the explanatory videos according to the blocking points. A learning pedagogy between theory and practice which today seems to be bearing fruit, since the company obtains a score of 4.7/5 on the Trustpilot rating platform, with nearly 2,500 reviews submitted.

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