Alex Trading’s opinion on the position of women in the world of trading

A minority trend of women traders that tends to balance out

The universe of trading is to date predominantly male, women are still present there but in a minority way. According to the opinion of Alex Trading, this phenomenon could be explained by the fact that finance and the stock market are environments where men have been present from the outset. In addition, there is still today a form of self-censorship as well as certain blockages, particularly from the point of view of how to approach the subject of money. Indeed, according to some studies, women tend to favor low risk and long-term savings. They also allocate more time for reflection and research than men in order to make informed decisions. In some cases, they may therefore suffer from a lack of time in view of the tasks that they must also perform.

However, the profession of trader is characterized by great flexibility, especially for those working on their own account. It is then possible within this framework to organize one’s schedule in complete freedom and there is no question of sacrificing one’s personal and family life.

In recent years, we have thus witnessed a new balance, in particular due to an awareness of the world of trading, which in the end, according to Alex Trading’s opinion, is quite calm and far from the masculine atmosphere of the world. army for example. More and more women are daring to take the plunge and enter the world of trading. The stereotypes that women aren’t good with numbers or aren’t capable of taking reasonable risks are over.

A glass ceiling that is gradually cracking

Money has no gender. While women have a different mentality to money than men, often preferring a conservative approach with the goal of a stable, predictable and long-term source of income, they nevertheless have their place in the world of trading.

Women thus have qualities that may differ from those of male traders, without supplanting them. Trading, whether you are a man or a woman, requires a great mastery of your psychology. The problems encountered are then the same.

According to the opinion of Alex trading, gender would thus have no impact on performance, in the same way as religion or political orientation. Everyone is on the same footing and the results are solely due to skills, such as controlling one’s emotions, mastering one’s strategies, acquiring and maintaining the fundamentals, managing money management, etc. For Alex trading, it is on these essential elements that the trader will have to work to increase his results. Financial markets are a mechanism that everyone is trying to understand. Practicing trading is above all a mental battle. The mind of a trader, whether male or female, can enable him to make a lot of profits as well as lose his investments. Every year records are broken in the middle of the stock market, and this can come from both women and men.

Alex Trading’s opinion on ways to promote women’s entry into the financial market

The emergence of the Internet has made it easier for women to enter the world of trading, restoring a certain balance. It is indeed possible today to find on the Net a lot of information as well as on-line training which makes it possible to acquire the necessary knowledge, and this, in a flexible way. In addition, online trading platforms have proliferated in recent years, making investing accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of gender. Forex trading is therefore very successful.

However, in the opinion of Alex trading, the utmost caution should be exercised. Indeed, there are some unscrupulous brokers, MLM systems, forex copy-trading scams… This is why Alex Trading recommends using professionals who have experience and results and joining a school online in order to follow a training to learn and especially to be well oriented in order to avoid scams.

To go further, and enhance the entry of women into the financial market, it is now necessary for the main parties concerned to get started without letting themselves be influenced by the barriers that some people will try to impose on them! Women can gain self-confidence and show courage to lift the prohibitions conveyed by popular beliefs.

In this regard, we can conclude by citing two examples of women who have risen to the fore in the world of trading:

Lauren Simmons, who is the youngest woman to serve as a full-time stockbroker on the New York Stock Exchange and the second African-American woman to serve as a stockbroker since the stock exchange was founded 226 years ago;

Laura Perdersen, who at 18 was the youngest to join the American Stock Exchange and the youngest trader to get a desk there.

According to Alex trading, these women show that becoming a trader is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender. Only skills and performance are the keys to success, as well as a good dose of courage and self-confidence!

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