After Twitter, Elon Musk attacks Apple and its 30% commission

The businessman attacked the Apple, and especially the 30% commission it imposes on third-party developers.

After his acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk became (officially) one of the most powerful personalities on the web. True to his reputation, the businessman does not hesitate to say out loud what he thinks, and this week, it was Apple who paid the price. The Tesla boss has openly criticized the 30% commission charged by Apple with every transaction on the App Store, arguing that it amounted to “have a 30% internet tax”.

Elon Musk wants a 3% commission

Like the European Union, the billionaire believes that the tax levied by Apple on each transaction is far too high, “literally 10 times more than it should be”. He now believes that the company should review its copy, opting for a commission reduced by 3%, barely 30 ct for a purchase of $10. A prospect that is not likely to materialize any time soon, the repeated decisions of the American courts having for the moment rather proved Cupertino right.

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has attacked Apple. In 2021, the businessman had already taken a stand for Epic Games in the lawsuit between the development studio and GAFAM. At the time, he compared App Store fees to a “de facto global tax”.

Remember that if Apple is regularly singled out for the heavy commissions it imposes on its developers, it is not the only one. The 30% tax is a standard followed by most online app stores, be it Google, Samsung, or Microsoft. At Meta, some virtual reality purchases are even taxed at 50%.

Recent political decisions, however, seem to prove developers right: in October 2021, Google made the decision to reduce its commissions to 15%. For its part, Apple has been forced to lower commissions for companies earning less than a million dollars annually on the App Store. La Pomme also had to completely review its sales policy in Japan and the Netherlands.

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