After the United States, Mexico is also facing an unusual cold situation

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The cold period in the USA is spreading to Mexico, where unusual temperatures of up to -15°C have been forecast. The mountainous areas in the north of the country are mainly affected, as well as central Mexico, where extraordinary snowfall has been observed.

With our correspondent in Mexico, Emmanuelle Steels

Definitely a cold” atypical “. This is how Mexico qualifies the abnormally low temperatures that petrify the north and center of the country, up to the capital.

The polar cold that has hit in recent days about the United States overtaking its neighbor to the south, which is much less well prepared to cope with these extreme conditions. In the mountainous areas located in the eastern part of Mexico City, snow fell, an extremely rare occurrence.

But if temperatures hover around zero at night, the sun warms the atmosphere during the day. The north of the country is even worse off: -15°C to -10°C, icy gusts and a storm announced for Wednesday 28 December.

Migrants very hard hit

Most Mexican homes do not have heat, but the authorities are also concerned about that migrants camp near the border with the United States. Despite the cold, these groups from Central America and Venezuela are determined to stay and try to warm themselves around improvised fires.

For weeks they have been waiting to lodge an asylum application on the other side of the barriers, an increasingly uncertain prospect.

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