after the massacre in Texas, the police under the fire of criticism

According to a video and numerous testimonies, parents waited outside the school without the police intervening, while the 18-year-old high school student, Salvador Ramos, was carrying out his massacre in a classroom.

“About an hour” after the start of the killing

“About an hour” after the suspect entered the school, US Border Patrol units arrived, “entered the school and killed the suspect,” Victor said at the press conference. Escalon, the regional director of the Texas Department of State Security.

He said that, contrary to what had been mentioned before, the perpetrator of the killing had “faced no one”, no police, before entering the school.

Before entering it, underlined Mr. Escalon, he fired on the school. “Four minutes later”, the first local police arrived on the spot. “They hear gunshots, take bullets, retreat and take cover,” the police chief said Thursday. It was then 11:40 a.m. Tuesday, and Salvador Ramos was in Robb Elementary School.

It was from this moment that parents began to arrive in front of the school.

The repulsed parents

In a video posted on social networks and obtained by Storyful, we can see frustrated parents, urging the police to enter the establishment at the time of the tragedy. The footage also shows a police officer roughly pushing one of the people outside the establishment.

Daniel Myers, a 72-year-old pastor, had arrived with his wife Matilda outside the school about 30 minutes after the shooter entered the school. The parents on site “were ready to return (to the establishment). One of the relatives said: + I was military, just give me a gun, I will go. I will not hesitate. I’m going to go +”.

“So during that time,” said Victor Escalon during his press conference, the police, hit by gunfire, “evacuated staff, students, teachers… A lot of things are happening, it’s complex “. Then, an hour later, the specialized police arrived and killed the young man behind the massacre.

Twenty-one white crosses to mark the memory of each of the victims


21 white crosses

In addition to the 21 killed, 17 people were injured, including three police officers. The shooter had targeted his grandmother before going to school with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

The shooter’s mother, Adriana Reyes, told ABC that her son was not “a monster” but that he could “be aggressive” at times. Presented as a victim of harassment, he was himself “a stalker” in high school, said two students who knew him.

Eulalio Diaz, a local official, was tasked with identifying the bodies late into the night, he told the El Paso Times daily. “Some of the children were in a bad state,” said the chosen one.

The tragedy stunned Uvalde, a town of 16,000 inhabitants halfway between San Antonio and the Mexican border, and predominantly Hispanic, with pain. In addition to a similar memorial in front of the school, twenty-one white crosses have been lined up in the central square of Uvalde, around a fountain, to mark the memory of each of the victims.

Dozens of residents, relatives, students and friends gathered there on Thursday, laying wreaths of flowers, as did Meghan Markle, wife of British Prince Harry.

Mobilization on June 11 in Washington

In the United States, school shootings are a recurring scourge that successive governments have so far been powerless to stem.

The debate on gun regulation in the country is almost on hold, given the lack of hope that Congress will pass an ambitious national law on the issue.

The March for our Lives movement, created after the Parkland shootings, called for a June 11 rally in Washington to call for tougher gun regulations.

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