Advantages and challenges of a franchise business in the USA (advice from DNX Consulting)

Doing business in the US with a franchise reduces risks and eases the process for an investor visa or green card. Is this the path to your project?

The benefits of franchising: A turnkey franchise business

– A network of already established franchisees and a recognized brand

– Products, services and a business model adapted to the American market.

– Your implementation and expansion accelerated thanks to well-developed know-how and standardized methods

Long-term synergy

– Training followed by support

– commercial, marketing, legal, procurement, human resources

– from the franchise for the duration of the contract

– Concepts that can be duplicated and managed remotely once launched

– A brand that has already proven that it can reassure your future contacts: customers, employees, immigration services, landlords, etc.

Financial transparency

– Each franchise has a legal document filed with the authorities detailing the costs and potential income

– Centralized purchasing for economies of scale and superior results over independents.

The options list

– The franchise in the USA is 3,500 concepts in 75 different sectors. Every year, the franchise in the United States weighs 2000 billion dollars in the American economy, that’s almost the GDP of France!

– A wide range of premium territories available, unlike corporate takeovers where immigrant investors often have to make do with the “leftovers”, those left out by local buyers

– In case of resale, higher prices than independent

Human resources

– Do not depend on experienced employees.

– Facilitate recruitment thanks to the franchisor’s experience and the attractiveness of the brand.

– A marketing team and a call center at headquarters to relieve you of commercial research

Choice and decision support

DNX Consulting is commissioned by franchisors to identify and select their future franchisees. Our advice and support is therefore free for you.

– We “match” your profile with the franchises that best suit your project, then we support you during the analysis of the various options and the preparation of your establishment.

The challenges of franchising

– The franchise is regulated quite strictly in the USA. This protects the investor, but mandates a thorough analysis and review before commitment.

– You are not buying a job, the franchisor is selective in choosing its franchisees. Good franchise practices to follow for rapid development. A long contract, on average 10 years.

Finally, franchising offers many advantages for settling in the US and obtaining an E2 visa. This is something to consider, especially if you are in one of the following cases:

– A complex or highly regulated activity (catering, real estate, health, etc.).

– A passive or semi-passive investment.

– A limited budget.

– Impeccable English.

– Little experience with entrepreneurship or the American market.

– A professional retraining, a change of activity sector.

– A location in a large city or a competitive area.

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