abandoned at the San Francisco airport, a puppy finally adopted by a pilot

Polaris, a German shepherd, had been abandoned by his master, who arrived from China at the end of August, due to administrative difficulties. The US authorities had initially refused the animal to enter US soil.

At the end of August, the fate of Polaris, a six-month-old German Shepherd, seemed to be sealed. Arriving at the San Francisco airport on a flight from China, he was refused entry to the United States by health officials.

Importing animals into the United States is subject to strict regulations, especially when they come from China, a country placed on the red list by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The owner of the puppy, who had not carried out the necessary administrative procedures, had finally decided to abandon the animal and continue its journey alone towards New York.

“The first options were bleak. Polaris should have either been euthanized upon return to China or shot locally,” explains washington post Vincent Passafiume, director of customer relations for United, the US airline that handled the case.

Four months quarantine

Two perspectives that the employees of United airlines could not resolve. After intense lobbying with health authorities, Polaris – named after the airline’s business class – was finally allowed to return to US soil, provided it submitted to a four-month quarantine.

During this time, and while waiting to find a new family in Polaris, United’s offices at the San Francisco airport have been completely redesigned to accommodate the dog’s needs. A shelter is built for him, the employees take turns to check that he is well, and dog sitters is even requisitioned to feed him, drink him, take him for walks and entertain him.

“In total, almost 50 employees visited him,” explains Vincent Passfiume. “He became a celebrity at the San Francisco airport”. To finish his quarantine period, Polaris is even sent to a special center in Los Angeles. First class travel on a United flight.

Adopted by an airline pilot

Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is contracted by the airline to find a foster family in Polaris. With only one condition.

“We really wanted Polaris to remain in the United family because our team was fully mobilized around him”, continues Vincent Passafiume.

A total of 35 applications were received to adopt the animal. “We were honored that United used our services to facilitate this adoption, in conjunction with our knowledge and our expertise,” stresses Lisa Feder, responsible for rescue operations within the San Francisco SPCA, in a press release.

Finally, it is William Dale, an airline pilot from the company recently installed in the Californian city, who is selected to adopt Polaris. “I just hope we can take care of him as well as the United staff did,” he said in the column washington post.

Donation of 5000 dollars and cupcakes

“It’s a wonderful feeling to see this story come to an end and to know that Polaris will find a loving home with Pilot Dale and his family, just in time for the holiday season,” said Vincent. Passfiume.

At the same time, United donated $5,000 (4,700 euros) to the SCPA in San Francisco, “to support their rescue work year-round by helping animals that are sick, injured, homeless or in need of help”, reports Guardian.

To celebrate the adoption of Polaris, a party was organized at the San Francisco airport on December 15, with the key, cupcakes and candies in the shape of bones. Among the guests: Brixton, a golden retriever in passenger therapy.

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