A year of free pizzas, 1000 euros… To recruit, these restaurateurs use the D system

Restaurateurs innovate to find the rare pearl. One of them has decided to offer financial compensation to anyone who finds him a chef.

Looking for cook, waiter, head waiter… The catering sector is not recovering from the health crisis. Previously already facing recruitment difficulties, the Covid has only made matters worse. Many employees preferred to retrain and leave the profession.

Faced with this phenomenon, restaurateurs have decided to innovate. Some go so far as to offer rewards to anyone who finds the rare pearl for them. After six months of fruitless research, the manager of a pizzeria in Nîmes changed his strategy.

He now promises a year of pizzas to the person who finds him the ideal chef. Salary: 2300 euros net per month with payment of overtime and profit-sharing bonus.

“In six months, we have had three relevant applications. Since the publication of the offer, we are already at 20 applications”, assures BFMTV Matthieu Bataille, manager of the Pinocchio restaurant in Nîmes.

1000 euros against a chef

About fifty kilometers away, the manager of a restaurant in Montpellier has decided to go further, and offers money.

“All work deserves a salary, so whoever helps me find a chef, I will pay him a little bit,” says Boris Leclercq, owner of the Bambino Rocco restaurant.

“I want to turn you into a professional recruiter. I’m talking to everyone: the person who recommends me a chef, Italian or pizzaiolo, I offer him 20 large 50 euro notes, or 1000 euros. If after a month, the person stays, I will give you the 1000 euros!”, he explained in a video posted on social networks.

These original initiatives reveal the recruitment difficulties encountered by the sector today. The Umih, the main employers’ union in the hotel and catering industry, estimates that there are between 200,000 and 300,000 jobs that are still unfilled. Faced with this observation, and as summer approaches, the union is preparing to sign an agreement with the Tunisian government to facilitate the arrival of young people from this country wishing to work as seasonal in the area.

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