A woman who wanted to do well by taking in 80 stray dogs is forced to ask for help

Welcoming stray dogs was a good intention. However, the woman allowed herself to be overwhelmed, leaving the animals to their fate in unsanitary living conditions. A rescue operation was organized by 3 associations. There is still a long way to go before the dogs can enjoy a happy ending.

In April 2022, a woman residing in the state of Georgia to the United States asked for help from the association Hancock Animal Friends. The latter explains to People that the woman used to house stray dogs on her property, but that she had “left submerged”especially after some canines have had puppies.

Hancock Animal Friendsfaced with the magnitude of the situation, had no other options than to ask for help from 2 associations to carry out the rescue: theASPCA and theAtlanta Humane Society, both invested in animal welfare. When they arrived, the members of the shelters were in shock. 80 dogs, including a Labrador, lived in total autonomy in an unsanitary environment, which caused them serious health problems.

An extraordinary rescue

“Lots of hard work and tears yesterday, but we made it”officials said. Hancock Animal Friends. The canines suffered from scabies, were infested with parasites and their claws were too long and caused injuries to their legs. One of the dogs had a broken limb and another had conjunctivitis.

All these little people have been transferred to the various shelters and now receive veterinary care as well as dog training courses. “Some of these dogs will need medical treatment and behavioral rehabilitation. We look forward to providing them with much-needed care and helping them prepare for the next chapter in their lives.”announcement Kyle Helddirector of theASPCA.

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