A wild cat kills fawns in a farm in Saint-André: only a small miracle remains

Two fawns were massacred in a farm in Saint-André, their paws devoured by a wild cat. In the litter of newborns, there is only one little survivor left.

The only survivor of the litter, the miraculous little fawn must be isolated so as not to be attacked. It was this morning that Jean Daniel Vee discovered two dead fawns, their feet shredded.

A killer cat

Having just been born, the two little fawns did not survive the attack. Often confronted with the problems of stray animals, Jean Daniel nevertheless has several protections to alleviate this kind of problem: “We try to ensure that the animals are protectedexplains the breeder, we have built walls that are 3 meters high in places, there it is not a dog attack. We didn’t expect it to be a cat.”

He adds: “We know that sometimes there are cats that attack our hens or our little birds but there, coming to eat deer like that, we did not expect it and we are really surprised and saddened”.

Above all, the breeder wants to raise awareness about animal wandering and says he is in favor of reducing the cost of sterilization, so that this type of attack no longer occurs.

Patrick Riviere.


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