A Tarn hunter tried for mistreating eight dogs

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After the investigation and the complaint of the association Stéphane Lamart, a hunter who had let his dogs live in a deplorable enclosure is judged this Monday, May 23 at the police court of Castres.

The story had shocked animal advocates. In June 2021, The Midi Dispatch had devoted an article on cases of mistreatment of dogs, in Albine then in Aiguefonde.
The Stéphane Lamart association had filed a complaint against the owner, a hunter. He is judged this Monday, May 23 at the police court of Castres, in the presence of the recognized association of public utility “For the defense of rights and animals”.

The investigation began in 2019 in the Thoré Valley where twelve dogs were detained in deplorable conditions in the middle of their excrement. The hunter had obtained a delay, promising to build a decent kennel. Before no longer giving any sign of life to the Stéphane Lamart association, which extended its investigations and had found the dogs, transferred to Aiguefonde. Again in poor condition…

“An investigator from the association reported that a hunter had eight hunting dogs in two unsanitary fenced enclosures in the town. The earthen floor was strewn with excrement, full sun and only a manger with a bottom of greenish water. There was no food and the smell was nauseating,” said Stéphane Lamart in a press release.

The hunter left the area

He continues: “On February 26, 2021, the Labruguière gendarmerie received a new report from a woman who had found the remains of a dead dog in one of the enclosures belonging to the hunter and that the dogs around were starting to devour it. “On the spot, the gendarmes note” the presence of an electric battery intended for horses and cattle which was connected to the fence of the enclosure. »

Informed, the town hall and several residents regularly fed the dogs with kibble, “because the owner was no longer in the region”, informs the association which called in a veterinarian at the beginning of May. “There were only five dogs left in the enclosures, which suffered from purulent conjunctivitis, ear infections and skin infections. » The audience should enlighten on the profile

of the hunter and the reasons for such cruelty.

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