A perfume with a particular smell, signed Elon Musk

This diary begins on a fragrant note of showiness, a scent signed Elon Musk who has just released his new product. No, it’s not a SpaceX rocket, nor a Tesla car, or even a Hyperloop tunnel, but it’s a fragrance with the smell of burnt hair, a bottle that is actually on sale on the internet for the modest sum of 100 dollars.

A new prank from the billionaire, but which finds its followers since some 10,000 people have already thrown themselves on these burnt hairs. A joke that has finally already earned him $ 1 million and probably much more in the future.

Because this perfume diverts our nose and our attention from the geopolitical affairs on which Elon Musk is suspected of playing a double game by posing as the Ukrainian savior while discussing with Putin, even if it means proposing peace plans via a tweet…

Would the American streaming platform turn into traditional television?
Would the American streaming platform turn into traditional television?

-Patrick T. Fallon

Netflix sticks to ads

A few months ago, in Brave New World, we devoted an entire show to the streaming giant, Netflix: a wavering empire?

This week, the American streaming platform announced the effective implementation of a less expensive offer, but embellished with advertisements. For less than 6 euros per month, you will now have access to a large part of the audiovisual catalog but also to 5 minutes of advertising per program hour. Advertising time close to that of traditional television, Netflix getting a little closer to Papa’s television.

But where the information is interesting and somewhat worrying is when it comes to the targeting prospects that these advertisements will be able to benefit from. Netflix has a huge amount of data on our practices, our preferences, our consumption habits day and night, our centers of interest, etc.

Agencies are already enjoying the idea of ​​offering us – why not – tailor-made advertising, almost individualized as we can find in the film Minority Report adapted from a short story by Philip K. Dick. Minority Report a film available on Netflix, soon with advertisements, the circle is complete!

Kylian Mbappé attacked by his own camp following hesitation, we are in the Brave New World...
Kylian Mbappé attacked by his own camp following hesitation, we are in the Brave New World…

– Frank Fife

The digital army of Paris Saint Germain

This diary ends with a new digital-sports scandal revealed by Mediapart. Paris Saint Germain, a football club under the ownership of Qatar, would have used a “digital army” on social networks to destabilize its sporting and political adversaries.

Mediapart obtained a report detailing the activities of an influencer agency dubbed “Digital Big Brother”. The dystopian title of this one immediately announces the color. This agency would have used real PSG “fan” accounts on Twitter to harass certain targets, including some media hostile to the interests of the club such as The Team and Mediapart.

An online smear technique regularly used by some extremist political parties. However, where the case disturbs a little more is when the report reveals that this army has even turned against its own players, such as world football star, Kylian Mbappé. The cause ? To punish him for his hesitation to re-engage with PSG…

A list of inglorious news for Qatar which, between the boycott operations of the World Cup, corruption cases and now the digital armies hired in secret, sees its strategy of sports soft power turning against it… like a goal in his own camp in the top corner!

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