A kitten who shows mimicry by hopping like a rabbit moves the web (video)

Kittens learn from their mother as soon as they are 3 weeks old. This is the reason why it is not recommended to wean them before the age of 3 months. Nevertheless, after this period, they continue to rely on the experience of their family members. The video proof with this kitten who literally thinks she’s a rabbit.

The video posted on TikTok on October 19, 2022 aroused a lot of emotions from Internet users. And for good reason ! The scene is crisp. Inter-species friendship is always touching to observe, but it also generates behavior that is surprising to say the least. Indeed, an adorable kitten who shares his home with an equally endearing rabbit thought that he should perhaps adopt his way of moving. In the video, the two friends roam freely in the kitchen until the cat suddenly decides to imitate its companion. The owner watches and films the scene in disbelief.

learn from others

We can observe on the video which has already amassed more than 36 million views that the little feline carefully examines the attitude of its rodent friend. He then launches himself into a most surprising choreography. He hops several times in exactly the same way as his predecessor, using his hind legs as support, before landing on his front legs. The kitten seems to make no difference between its species and that of its mentor.


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The social learning theory probably explains the origin of the behavior of the kitten. It designates the acquisition of know-how resulting from the observation of the behavior of others. This definition could not be better imagined thanks to this little feline in search of new experiences. His mistress continues to share the adventures of her young cat/rabbit with the community.

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