A group of sharks devour a gigantic whale carcass

According to experts, the pictures are spectacularbut the event itself is not unusual.

Recently, drone footage surfaced on Youtube showing at least sixty sharks feeding on the carcass of a giant long-finned whale.

Eyewitnesses to the unusual event that occurred off Norman’s Beach, Western Australiaclaim that there may have been as many as a hundred sharks at the feast.

John Cloke and Indy Crimes had gone out for a morning of fishing when they noticed an impressive number of birds above the water. After getting closer, they saw a large number of sharks circling around a whale carcass in the water. The couple filmed the incident with a drone.

At one point, a hundred sharks can be seen around the carcass.

The searcher Steve Taylor, shark expert, finds these images interesting but not that unusual. The last time such an event was documented was in August 2021, when a carcass was torn apart by a great white shark near Boston.

After their death, cetaceans generally float on the surface of the watertheir bodies filling with the gases produced by decomposition.

The larger and oilier species can float on the surface for several weeks, allowing predators to feed.

The body eventually sinks to the bottom of the sea, where it serves as food for other species of fish, or it washes up on a coast.

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