A baseball player rescues a kitten hidden in his car and opens the door to his heart

A baseball player has an unexpected encounter on the way to practice. He changed the fate of the animal he discovered.

Josh Walker is a player New York fooda baseball franchise located in the Queens. One morning, on his way to his training at Clover Park, he had an unexpected meeting. As he got out of his car, he heard meowing…

Josh Walker responded immediately

surprised, Josh Walker turned and searched his vehicle. When he lifted the hood, he discovered a black and white kitten lying under the engine. Helpless, the baseball player asked for help from a stadium employee. Together they cooked salmon food and managed to lure the cat out of the car and catch it.

The kitten was taken to a vet

After his training, Josh took the cat to the vet. The animal was vaccinated and the doctor confirmed that he did not have an identification chip. It was probably a stray cat. The player off Dishwashing did not hesitate long. For him, as for his teammates, this meeting could not be a coincidence. Josh adopted the kitten. He named him Subwayreferring to the full name of his team, the Metropolitans.

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The cat quickly adapted to its new owner

As Josh told it to MLB, the official website of Major League Baseball North America, he loves cats and is very happy about this meeting. Besides, he already had someone who will surely become the best friend of Subway. The kitten is also happy, as the player testifies: “He didn’t cry much. He has adapted well to the people around him. […] I will try to give it a home and keep it as long as I can.

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