5 things learned from David Renan’s trading that made me progress

Hello friends,

For once, I’m not going to tell you about me or my technical analyses, but about the contribution to my own trading of the author I know best in the Objectif Eco ecosystem, namely David Renan.
Having been subscribed to a number of authors (Loïc Abadie, Charles Dereeper, etc …), I can tell you that the quality is always there.

Simply, when I have the honor to launch a common offer with David on the Value + AT aspects, and as I have subscribed to one or other of his services for 4 years (Top List, Weekly Letter, Premium Offer), he is the one whose I know the best way of trading today and of which I can allow myself to “paint the portrait” in relation to the lessons I have acquired by observing his way of trading.

I remember 5 main points which I summarize in this 15 minute video, sorry I couldn’t make it shorter to describe each point, because all seem to me to be of equal importance.
I hope this sharing will be useful to you in your own thoughts on trading.

Good continuation,


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