4 Beginner Trading Platforms and What Makes Them Great

Each broker tries to offer a unique service to a particular customer profile in order to maintain an edge over the competition. Some provide professional services to experienced traders and others tailor their offerings to make trading accessible to everyone. If you are new to online trading and want to know where you can get the best services, keep reading to see what the top 4 platforms have to offer you today.


One of the most important benefits that Libertex customers enjoy is security. The platform has been around since 1997, earlier than most other brokers, and has stood the test of time. Today, more than 2.9 million traders have registered on the platform, which testifies to the confidence they place in Libertex.

In this review of the online broker Libertex, it is stated that Libertex is licensed by CySEC, the Cypriot regulator of financial markets. It is always advisable to trade through a licensed broker for the safety of your funds. Additionally, as it is authorized by CySEC, Libertex can operate throughout Europe.

In addition, the broker has received multiple awards for the quality of its service, especially for its good trading platform. The Libertex web trading platform is well-liked by traders for its features and interface that make trading easier for beginners. It is also available on smartphones and tablets.

When it comes to trading, over 250 different assets are available on the different platforms. They range from currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies, which is enough to help you with diversification.


Where Libertex has emphasized simplicity, Capital.com wants to give you all the help you may need, which should be welcome for beginners. For example, you can download the app Investmate on your phone, which contains more than 30 educational courses, all designed by experts to be simple, but very informative.

Capital.com uses AI to analyze a trader’s activity, highlighting pain points and how to fix them. Although the AI ​​program does not initiate any trades, it does provide helpful reminders and tips for you to be profitable.

With 201 cryptocurrencies, 3,616 stocks, 138 currency pairs, 34 commodities, and 26 indices, you might be overwhelmed as you’re new to the market. Indeed, our analysis of dozens of online trading platforms revealed that Capital.com is among the brokers that offer the largest number of tradable assets.

All of these markets can be accessed either on MT4 or on Capital.com’s proprietary platform. MT4 is the most popular trading platform for Forex. You can download and install custom indicators and auto trading robots. However, the Capital.com platform is also very impressive with over 70 technical indicators. Moreover, the interface is much more intuitive and easy to use, which is why it has won many awards.

In terms of security, Capital.com is regulated by the FCA of the United Kingdom, the CySEC of Cyprus and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Traders benefit from security measures such as negative balance protection and deposit insurance.


Unlike other brokers that try to expand their reach across the globe, XTB has remained the archetypal European broker. Founded and based in Poland in 2002, XTB has grown steadily over the years to reach a base of over 317,000 customers. Five years later, the company was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) as a public company.

This is always an important element for any business, but even more so for an online broker, as customers and shareholders can always check the performance of the business. This means there will be more regulatory oversight, which will keep customer funds safer compared to private companies. Nevertheless, XTB has also been licensed in other countries including UK and Spain and has offices in more than 20 countries like France, Germany, Italy.

But it is not only this level of security that makes this platform ideal for investors, since you can have access to a large part of the financial markets. Over 2,000 assets can be traded on the platform, including Forex, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies. Most of these products are offered through CFDs, which allows XTB to provide leverage of up to 1:30.

All of these products are traded on the remarkable trading platform xStation 5, available on web browsers and mobile. Its design is ideal for beginners, as you can easily understand its use within a few hours. It’s also comprehensive and provides information like the latest market news and sentiment indicators, so you don’t have to search for data outside of the platform.


If you are a fan of copy trading and social trading, then you will love eToro. Over the past decade, the broker has built up one of the most popular, diverse and active trading communities in the world. At the time of publication, the platform boasts of having over 20 million users.

Each user is free to disclose their transactions to the rest of the community, with the results ranked to show the best performance. Any member of the platform can choose to automatically copy other users’ trades.

This is copy trading, and it has allowed many newbies to make money in the financial markets despite their lack of trading knowledge. Thus, the ratio of losing traders on eToro is 67%, while the industry average is 78%.

You will be able to trade many instruments from different asset classes like Forex, stocks, ETFs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. In total, there are over 3,000 assets that you can trade.

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