27,000 km/h: Elon Musk announces Paris-New York flights in 30 minutes!

This is at least what the boss of the firm SpaceX revealed and, to launch this service in 5 years, the aerospace company is preparing for it at high speed.

The man who hid the forest. You thought Elon Musk ran SpaceX? He is the president but the strategic and operational direction is in the hands of Gwynne Shotwell, an aerospace engineer. During a trip to France, she gave some interviews about their WiFi satellite program, Starlink (which French were able to see this summer cross the night in single file), but she had another announcement to make.

Interviewed by RTL on future projects for Starship – the big space launcher formerly named Big Falcon – his boss said that SpaceX planned to entrust him with long-haul flights… on Earth. Taking advantage of its speed of 27,000 km/h, Starship could take nearly a hundred passengers from one continent to another in less than an hour. Thus, a Paris-New York journey would only take 30 minutes, instead of the current 7 hour flight.

Fly fast, to land where? Gwynne Shotwell estimates that this service could be deployed by 2027, even if it is not the priority for the group which ” focuses on the Moon, on Mars “. Above all, the question of landings, which cannot be made at airports, remains to be settled. For the moment, the project aims to take off from maritime platforms, but would like to evolve quickly. And Miss Shotwell is already talking about firing and landing pads on dry land “.

The least we can say is that they are working on it by carrying out as many shots as possible per day: Elon Musk’s company has set itself a target of 100 launches in 2023 and has already achieved some. 42 in 2022. More than one per week; this gives an idea of ​​what the rate of rotations could be once the serve is launched. As for the price, we also imagine it to be stratospheric, but we will have to wait 5 years to know it.

Visual Credit One: SpaceX Twitter.

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